We are one big family. We love what we do and want to share our passion with you.

Meet Our Team

Rev. Dr. Charles Salisbury


Pastor Charlie has been leading the Grace congregation since July 2020. His leadership extends to preaching, pastoral care of our church family, and leading the staff in the overall management and administration of Grace Church. Please feel free to contact Pastor Charlie for a chat, prayer or a visit.



Tammy Houck

Executive Director of Connectional Ministry

Tammy has been responsible for guiding all programming, ministries and outreach at Grace since 2007 and oversees the Connectional Ministry Team. She also focuses on membership care, prayer team and building relationships within our community. Contact Tammy for any programming, small group, outreach or personal need that you may have or want to discuss.


Director of Youth Ministry


Barb Rosensteel

Director of Children’s Christian Education

Barb has been a long-term member and volunteer at Grace and began serving part-time in 2021 to providing oversight for our KidsLife (Sunday mornings 9:30 – 10:30 am) and KidsZone (Sunday following the Children’s Message at 10:45 am service) programs for children in nursery – 6 th grade. Her goal is to guide our children in their relationship with Christ while also creating a community where all are welcome and know they are valued. Reach out to Barb with any KidsLife or KidsZone questions or to volunteer your time.


Emily Briselli

Communications Specialist

Emily has been a part of the Grace family since her youth and joined our team in a part-time role in 2022 to manage our communications needs at Grace. She creates content and manages our digital and social media platforms including FaceBook, Instagram, and the church website. She also creates our weekly email blasts and monthly newsletters that keep us all informed and connected. If you have something to share or have a question, contact Emily.



Andra Haverstock

Business Manager

Andra joined Grace in 2021 and directs the budget process, compiles financial reports, prepares payroll, maintains personnel policies/benefits and does all things financial. She provides support for not only Grace Church but also Grace Christian Childcare and Grace Christian Preschool. If you have any questions, please reach out to Andra.


Matt Houck

Director of Building and Grounds Maintenance

Matt grew up at Grace and has been on staff in varying roles since 2015. He is responsible for maintaining the exterior and interior of Grace as well as the parsonage so you may see him on a mower or behind a snowblower when driving past the parking lot. He works closely with the Daycare, Preschool and Trustees to address any issues. Matt also provides support for programming in set-up or other needs. Contact Matt with any questions or to join the volunteer team.


John Cenko

Operations Manager

John joined Grace in 2021 and is responsible for operations of the office. He manages the church calendar and schedules building use as well as all office equipment and IT needs of the building. John compiles weekly announcements and scheduling of worship support needs. He provides logistic support for programming and outreach events. Contact John for any office support needs or scheduling questions.



Andrew Meade

Executive Director of Worship Ministries

Andrew joined Grace in 2018 and oversees the music and worship ministries at Grace. He works with staff and also volunteers that coordinate outstanding ensembles, music opportunities and the technical support needed to pull it all together. Andrew collaborates and works with the pastor and leadership to design and direct the worship experience. If you are interested in joining a music team or want to hear more about musical opportunities for all ages, contact Andrew.


Dave Shover

Director of Modern Worship

Dave joined the Grace music team in 2022 and directs the Modern Worship Team for their weekly service. He is not only a talented musician but also leader. If you are interested in joining the team or have any questions, please reach out to Dave.



Heidi Hoover

Executive Director of Education – Grace Christian Preschool and Daycare

Heidi has been on staff since 2009 and oversees the preschool and daycare ministries at Grace. Please reach out toHeidi for any questions about our preschool or daycare programs.