Meet the Staff of Grace Christian Preschool!

Heidi Hoover

I am Heidi Hoover, and this is my 9th year as the director of Grace Christian Preschool.  I look forward to getting to know all of our preschoolers and families personally this school year.  I am eager to be able to greet families each day in the hallway and to be a part of classroom activities and field trips.  I enjoy traveling to favorite places like Charleston, Disney World, and Key West — as well as new destinations (including now, college visits!) — with my husband and our 17-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter.  I am a morning person, a beach lover, and a cat lover, and am also a fan of coffee and pumpkin-flavored anything!   I like to be active and always moving…cheering at my son’s lacrosse games and supporting my daughter’s artistic endeavors; taking walks around my neighborhood in South Hanover; and attending Lower Dauphin sports, art, and musical events.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my Christian faith as well as my love of fitness, books, language, and music with the children of Grace.

Kim Neithercoat 

My name is Kim Neithercoat.  I will be assisting in the 3’s Class and the 4’s Lunch Bunch this year.  I am very proud to say that this is my 9th year at Grace Christian Preschool in the 3’s class and my 5th year assisting with the 4’s Lunch Bunch Program.  I am looking forward to making the children feel comfortable in a preschool environment while helping them learn and have a memorable and fun experience.  I have twin boys in high school and a son in the middle school, as well as a dog and two cats.  I really enjoy the beach, our pets, my family and friends, and teaching at Grace Christian Preschool.  I am very excited about another year of fun and learning with the 3’s Class and working with the 4’s Lunch Bunch.
Kim Phillippy
My name is Kim Phillippy, and this is my first year teaching the morning and afternoon 3’s Class at Grace Christian Preschool.  I am a former elementary education teacher and taught for 12 years prior to becoming a mom.  After staying home with my two children for a number of years, I decided to pursue teaching preschool, as I loved those years with my own kids.  Last year, I taught a four-year-old preschool class, and I am very excited to now be joining the staff at Grace and working with three-year-olds.  My husband and I greatly enjoy watching the various activities of our son and daughter, a high-schooler and middle schooler.  We have two cats that are part of the family.  I enjoy reading, writing, taking walks, and swimming.  I love being a teacher, and I look forward to sharing the joys of childhood with my students.

Amy Heuer

My name is Amy Heuer. I am so happy to be starting my 8th year at Grace Christian Preschool. I have been a member of Grace Church for a little over 20 years, and I was very excited when I heard that they were starting a preschool program; I just knew that I wanted to be involved! I am the lead teacher for the morning and afternoon 4’s classes as well as a Lunch Bunch teacher for the 3’s classes. I look forward to making crafts with the children, reading books to them, and finding various ways to help them learn! I believe that each child is special and valuable and deserves to be treated with lots of love, kindness, and respect. When I’m not in preschool, I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy reading, traveling, bike riding, singing, playing hand bells, and going on long walks with my dog, Trevor.

Aly Lim

Hi!  I’m Aly Lim, and I grew up in the Hershey/Hummelstown area.  I have four years of experience as a preschool assistant teacher, and this is my third year at Grace Christian Preschool in the 4’s Class.  While I love working with children, I also have a professional background in emergency medicine and preparedness, filmmaking, and have a side business in photography.  I am a huge animal lover and love to share my pets with the students every chance that I can.   I am so excited to meet your children this school year!