Scheduling News (last updated June 1st, 2020):
A message from Reverend John:
Since President Trump’s pronouncement that churches should open, many of you are probably asking what that might mean for the reopening of Grace Church. I received an email from our District Superintendent the day after that pronouncement stating that the Bishop and the Cabinet still support following the guidelines being set forth by the governor and health officials. They strongly encourage the Pastors and Church Leaders to resist and oppose any effort to make the decision to reopen Grace a political one. Instead, the decisions should still be made on theological and
practical grounds, motivated by care and compassion for the needs of ALL of our people, and not just our own needs. Our first concern is for the health and safety of our Church Family.
From the beginning of this pandemic we have consistently followed the mantra that just because we CAN, doesn’t automatically mean that we SHOULD. The underlying concern is to follow our first rule in the United Methodist Church, established by our founder, John Wesley – DO NO HARM. Be assured that we are working diligently on a plan to reopen, which establishes new procedures, restrictions and expectations that we will all be of one mind and spirit in implementing them.
Now that PA has moved to the “yellow phase,” we need to continue to be mindful of wearing masks and safe distancing. Our efforts to reduce the number of virus outbreaks in our communities will allow us the opportunity to return to worshiping in our sanctuary in the future. In the meantime, I hope you are taking advantage of worshiping online with our Church Family (see our website at and participating in ZOOM Sunday School classes, Bible Studies and small groups.
No one is more anxious to return to our sanctuary for worship than me. However, it is more important to do the RIGHT thing, which at this time, is waiting a while longer.
I miss you — and pray for your health and safety every day.
Looking for ways to help the community while “social-distancing”? 
As a community of faith, we want to encourage you to support your neighbors!  Offer a prayer, a note of encouragement or a simple phone call to check in!  If you want to reach out to a member of your church family that may need a little ‘pick-me-up’, please contact us! 
Also, in this time of COVID-19, our local organizations that support families in need are operating differently to continue their services.  Please click below for details on how to support our local community through donating to the Hummelstown food bank, donating blood to the Central PA Blood Bank, or sewing face masks for community groups in need (to name a few).
Want more information on volunteer opportunities at this time? Please contact Tammy Houck (
Community Needs