Good Afternoon My Friends:


I have been here now six months and still many of you I have never met. COVID has deprived us of much but you are still here and for that I give thanks.

The reason I am taking the time to talk to you this morning is to update you concerning our plans for worship in the future. As I told you in December, today we would re-evaluate about when we could gather onsite again. You need to know that I and many others can’t wait to do so.

This past Tuesday night our Council, the TLC gathered on Zoom to look at the numbers of COVID exposure in our area. And while the numbers are still too high to make a change right now; we see opportunities to do so in the near future.

After discussion, TLC has decided to set the date of Sunday, February 21st, the first Sunday of Lent, as the target date for once again gathering in the Sanctuary for worship. Please keep in mind when we return for in-person worship, we will continue to honor our safety protocols. It is this covenant that you have faithfully kept which makes this change even possible! With regard to small groups and Christian Education, we will remain virtual through Easter (April 4th) at this time. However, always keep in mind that while this is our plan, changing circumstances can alter this plan.

You may have noticed that we have not taken formal offerings during COVID. This choice has been a safety precaution to minimize contact. Yet I realize that I have not taken the time to express how important your offerings have been. Your prayers have lifted the spirit of our church, your willingness to adapt has enabled us together to continue to share in ministry even when it looks a little different and your financial giving has continued to make ministry possible. For this and many other things, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As I close, I cannot help but think of Jesus’ words, “Blessed are those who believe when they don’t see”. COVID has created a murky path for all of us, but still, many of you are willing to believe when you do not see…. And for this you are blessed and because of you Grace Church is also blessed. Amen.