Grace Church Covid Protocols (effective 5/25/21)
At all formal, church sponsored activities, we expect all unvaccinated individuals to be masked and encourage vaccinated individuals to mask as they feel comfortable.
During GCCC hours of operation (Monday-Friday, 6:30am-6:00pm)
In order to protect the unvaccinated children entrusted to our care, everyone in the building must be fully masked during GCCC hours of operation.
  • Masking outdoors is also required, unless involved in physical play or water activities, in order to remain consistent with current PA Department of Human Services requirements for licensed daycare centers.
  • The front, church entrance to the building can be accessed during normal business hours with assistance from staff.
  • Sign in/sign out sheets for the purpose of contact tracing will continue to be required of anyone entering the building.
  • Temperature monitoring will continue until the PA Department of Human Services removes the requirement for child care centers.
  • Individuals who are fully vaccinated and who are working entirely alone, in an enclosed space, may temporarily lower mask.
After the GCCC hours of operation (6:00pm Friday – 6:30am Monday)
As a church family, we share in a covenant relationship and ask that each person follow the following guidelines:
Inside the building, as outlined by the CDC:
  • Unvaccinated individuals ages 2 years and older must be fully masked
  • Vaccinated individuals can be unmasked, if preferred; however, masking is encouraged.
  • We will continue to utilize a sign in sheet in the event contact tracing becomes necessary.
  • In an effort to maintain social distancing, we will continue to keep alternating pews taped off until attendance numbers require us to revisit use of the space.
  • We will continue to sanitize the pews after each worship service.
  • Hymnals will remain absent from the pews. We will revisit hymnal usage in the fall.
  • Offering plates will remain on a table, rather than being passed. We will revisit offering plate usage in the fall.
Music Ministry
  • Small groups of musicians will be masked to the comfort level of the participants while maintaining the building guidelines.
  • Full choir rehearsals and performance, which typically break during the summer, will be revisited in the fall.
Sunday School and other small groups
  • Gatherings of small groups will not begin inside the building until the fall.
  • Requests for use of the building for gatherings of other kinds will be deferred until the fall.
Activities outside the building on church property, after GCCC hours
  • We encourage, but not require masks for vaccinated individuals. Masking is required for unvaccinated individuals over 2 years of age.
In-person worship in the sanctuary at Grace on Sunday mornings at 8:15am, 9:35am (Contemporary Worship) & 10:45am)
When worshipping with us in-person, here is what you can expect:
  • Single entry and exit at the front sanctuary, double doors.
  • Each family will be asked to sign-in upon entering the facility. No pre-registration is needed at this time.
  • Masking – Pastor Charlie’s letter following the CDC announcement on May 13th
      • Unvaccinated adults and children – must wear a mask 
      • Vaccinated individuals – masking is preferred; CDC guidance is acceptable
  • Windows will be opened (weather permitting) and doors will be propped to encourage better air flow – Please plan to wear layers
    • Of note, ionization units have been installed in the sanctuary HVAC units
  • Social distancing will be encouraged. Sanctuary will be limited to 25% capacity.
  • After worship congregating is encouraged to take place outside.
  • No childcare available at this time.
  • No Gathering Grounds (coffee hour between services) at this time.
  • Non-contact offering will be available.
  • After each worship service, we will be wiping down all touch points throughout the sanctuary and in the bathrooms.
  • Sunday building access will be limited to the sanctuary, church lobby and bathrooms.
  • Pre-screening should be completed using CDC screening guidance – ( If you answer yes to any of these questions, we ask that you please join us online for worship:
      • Have you experiences COVID symptoms in the past 48 hours?
      • Are you quarantining because you have you tested positive for COVID or you are worried that you are sick with COVID?
      • Are you currently pending results of a COVID test?