Church-wide Bible Study

Please plan to join us at one of these times for a 6-week, church-wide bible study. All study materials will be provided at the time of the class. We hope to see you!
– Thursday (10/3) at 6:00pm with Rev. John in Room 202
– Sunday morning (10/6) at 10:45am in Room 205
– Sunday morning (10/13) at 9:30am in Room 202
Imagine what it would be like to pray with Jesus. Think of all you could learn from Him, just listening as He spent time with His Father. Imagine hearing Him praying for you and interceding for others. What you would learn would encourage you to pray for the rest of your life!
There’s no better teacher on prayer than Jesus. His guidance on prayer – not only what He said about it, but also how He did it – brought a fresh and vital understanding to what it means to have a relationship with God.
Jesus’s approach to praying is practical and powerful. In “Praying with Jesus”, we’ll review some overlooked and unexpected ways He talked with His heavenly Father, ways that will help us keep company with God as well. We’ll take a deeper look at what it means to call God “Abba, Father.” We’ll examine the priority Jesus placed on prayer and the difference this makes for everyday life. We’ll learn from the ways Jesus used Scripture when He prayed. We’ll also consider what Jesus taught about faith and persistence in prayer when it seems like nothing is happening. And we’ll see Jesus’s example of loving others with His prayers – examining a special promise He made to believers who pray together.
If you’ve ever struggles with praying, you’ll find inspiration here. Jesus is an example like none other! Come, join us on the adventure as we discover the help only He can give.

VANCO Electronic Giving

As the weather starts to get nicer and our schedules get busier, you may find yourself unable to attend services each Sunday. Despite the congregation missing you on these days, the activities and the mission of Grace continue on. However, in order to continue our mission, your financial support is still needed even when you cannot be at church. As a result, we are asking that you consider signing up for online giving, through Vanco.
Signing up for online giving is easy. Just click on the “online giving” button on Grace’s home page ( You can then follow the online instructions to create an account and set up recurring payments at dollar amounts and intervals that meet your comfort level. This process is very similar to online banking and bill pay that many of you are already utilizing.
By setting up your online giving, you enable the church to continue to receive a steady stream of funds that it can count on throughout the year. This ensures that the musical, youth, mission, and ministry programs that we all feel passionately about can continue to thrive during those times of year when there are fewer folks in the pews on Sunday. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Kaschak at