Spiritual Gifts Assessment

In order to actively provide programming, outreach, worship and fellowship opportunities that impact not only Grace but our community – WE NEED YOU and YOUR INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL GIFTS!
Pastor Charlie is leading us on a journey to examine what the Bible says about spiritual gifts and we are also providing the opportunity for you to discover your gifts and determine how to use them to share God’s love. A spiritual gift is a special ability given by God for Christian service. We all have natural abilities such as sports, cooking, artistry or perhaps math aptitude BUT the Bible tells us that we also receive spiritual gifts that prepare us to serve His purpose. And God has already planned the good works he wants us to do – which is beyond awesome to consider!
We invite you to explore the possibilities of your gifts by taking this online assessment (CLICK HERE). Once you have identified your areas of gifts we will provide ministry opportunities that you can experiment with or ‘try on for size’ and examine how you feel as you work in that gift area.
Grace Church is not a building – it is the people! We are called to be God’s hands and feet in this hurting world. Join us in discovering your special gifts and let us BE THE CHURCH together as we REUNITE!
Questions, please contact tammyhouck@gracehummelstown.org.