Our THREE YEAR OLD  classroom provides a learning environment that helps children develop as a whole person. We focus on pre-academic skills, as well as social, emotional and spiritual development. Children at this age love companionship. They need to be with other children their own age. They need to play, talk and learn with their peers. They need to use their big muscles – running, jumping, climbing, and pushing. We hope to see your child develop independence, self-control/ sharing, taking turns, gain the ability to express their needs and feelings and get along with peers. All of this will be done in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring.
Our OLDER PRESCHOOL classroom is for children generally 4 and 5 years of age. Our preschool philosophy is child-centered and teacher guided. Many of our themes and activities are planned because the children have an interest in them. Teachers then guide each child’s individual pace of learning through various activities. Themes change every few weeks, depending on the class’s extent of interest. From time-to-time field trips are taken for a more firsthand experience. We also research through our extensive classroom library. We love books and reading is a major part of our day! We also encourage the children to keep track of their own things and learn the necessary self-help skills needed at this age.