Wednesday Night Prayer Gathering

Do you want to be closer to God? Then, pray! Talk to Him – he is ready and patiently waiting. Many are familiar with prayer but sometimes it can feel overwhelming or confusing to know exactly ‘how’ to pray. At its core, prayer is simply a conversation between you and God. Great communication leads to strong relationships and when we open ourselves up to honest conversation with God, we strengthen that connection.
Prayer is important and Jesus prayed continually throughout the scriptures and He also encouraged us to pray. The life of an effective Christian truly begins with prayer. We gather strength, wisdom and peace through prayer.
We invite the Grace family to become more intentional in their prayer life and personal relationship with God. We will be gathering for corporate and personal prayer time weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 6:55 pm beginning Wednesday, September 15, 2021. If you so desire, you may join our Wednesday evening Bible Study at 7 pm or remain in the Sanctuary for a reflective time of communing with our loving Father who makes the impossible possible.
If you have a personal prayer request or would like to join our online Prayer Warrior Team, please reach out to Tammy at or (717) 566-2897.