Meet Our Staff

Rev. Dr. Charles Salisbury Pastor

Pastor Charlie was appointed to lead our congregation in July 2020. His leadership extends to preaching, pastoral care of our church family, and leading the staff in the overall management and administration of Grace Church. He and his wife Vicky, have three children, four grandchildren and a pug with a very colorful attitude!  Pastor Charlie loves sports, history and supporting youth and children’s ministries!  Please feel free to contact him for a chat, prayer or a visit at … 
Phone: (717) 566-2897

Ms. Tammy Houck

Executive Director of Connectional Ministries
Tammy dabbles in a little of everything at Grace but her focus is on membership care. She facilitates New Member Orientation Classes, maintains our membership roles, visits shut-ins, coordinates Safe Sanctuary Policy for Grace and all volunteers, and assists in various programming and committees.
Phone: (717) 566-2897

Mr. Andrew Meade

Executive Director of Worship Ministries
Andrew oversees the music and worship ministries here at Grace.  He works together with an outstanding team of professional and volunteer staff to coordinate Grace’s seven permanent music ensembles and collaborates with the pastor and other church leadership to design and direct our worship services.  Andrew would love to hear from you and share more about Grace’s musical opportunities for all ages.
Phone: (717) 566-2897

Mr. John Cenko

Executive Director of Operational Ministries
As Director of Operations, John oversees the day to day operations of the facility and grounds at the church.  He supports the operation the Church, daycare, and preschool.  Also manages all communications and scheduling the use of the facility.

Mr. Matt Houck

Maintenance Supervisor
Matt is our Maintenance Supervisor. He is responsible for the upkeep of the facility and grounds at the church. He also supports the programming at Grace by facilitating all set-up and tear-down of any needed equipment for events. 

Ms. Ilene D. Swartz

Office Assistant
Ilene does all things admin for Grace!  She works at the front desk during Grace’s office hours, which is Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-4:00pm and Fridays from 8:30am-2:00pm.  Stop by and visit to welcome Ilene!
Phone: (717) 566-2897

Mrs. Heidi Hoover

Executive Director of Education
Grace Christian Preschool & Daycare
Heidi directs the growing Preschool ministry at Grace. Our second floor classrooms are home to the expanding program for young children ages 2-5 years old.  If you are interested in registering your young one for preschool or if you have questions about the program, please contact Heidi!
Phone: (717) 566-8260

Mrs. Joanne Black

Grace Christian Child Care Director
Joanne is the Daycare Director of Grace Christian Child Care.  We welcome Joanne to the Grace family as she started this role in the January 2018! Her experience in both business and teaching proves helpful as she learns the ins-and-outs of GCCC.
Phone: (717) 566-6575

Mrs. Sherry White

Grace Christian Child Care Associate Director
As the Associate Director of Grace Christian Child Care, Sherry assists with the operation of the child care program. Her duties are focused to aid in the smooth running of the daily activities and staffing.  When needed, you may find her in a classroom as well! 
Phone: (717) 566-6575

Mrs. Tami Wagoner

Director of Food Service
As Director of Food Service, Tami has been serving up food for the soul since March 2013.  She runs the kitchen for luncheons and special activities.

Mrs. Andra Haverstock

Business Manager
As Business Manager, Andra directs the budget process, compiles financial reports, monitors investments, prepares payroll, and handles cash management for the church, daycare and preschool programs. She also maintains personnel policies and benefit programs.

Mr. Peter Fox

Director of Youth Ministry
Peter joins the Grace family as a lifelong Youth Minister.  He lives in Hershey with his family. Peter coaches Hershey soccer and plays basketball, collects music and art, and loves to read.  He also likes to adventure with his family.  Now here at Grace, his plan is to revitalize and expand the GUMY programs and make them rock solid.