Our INFANT ROOM is designed for children 6 weeks to 12-13 months. Teachers and infants spend a large part of the day together on the floor socializing, playing, and working on large and fine motor skills. Our teachers love reading books to our infants, playing on the floor with them, singing songs, and introducing simple art projects to the older children. We follow the individual schedule of each child, but include lots of one-on-one attention and play time with the children.
Our  ONE YEAR OLD classroom explores the world everyday through play! Each day our younger toddlers experience stimulating toys, sing songs, engage in finger plays, listen to age-appropriate stories, dance to music, and employ a variety of gross motor activities, both indoor and out. Our schedule includes breakfast, circle time, art, outdoor play, gross and fine motor play, lunch, nap, snack and free play. Weekly lesson plans focus on the different areas of development: Bible Stories, Songs, Prayers, Fine Motor/Art Activities, Physical Development/Gross Motor Activities, Language/Literacy, Creative Expression & Thinking, & Math/Science Activities.
Our TWO YEAR OLD classroom is just beginning to learn the meaning of independence. The twos are given plenty of opportunities to practice their self-help skills. We help the children learn about taking turns and encourage them in their use of language. Lots of choices are available throughout our older toddler room with toys located in many different interest areas. Our twos are kept on their toes with a variety of activities. We explore art, science, math, language, gross and fine motor, and music and movement. We also open the children’s minds to the power of God’s love through Bible stories, songs, and life lessons