Fall Kid’s Life

Happy August!

It has been wonderful connecting with those of you who are doing our online JAM sessions! We will continue those through August 22, which will be the final online session!

Grace is really amping up to bring our children’s ministries back inside in a new and exciting way! On September 12th, our Kid’s Life wing will be ready for all children/students upstairs and will include nursery through 6th grade! Parents may sign in their children at a central location when dropping them off upstairs before heading to their appropriate classrooms. This will make our drop off process more efficient, convenient, and SAFE!

We are so excited to have a passionate team of leaders helping our Kids Life Sunday mornings! Those adults include “Miss Pat” Peffley, Lori Ogle, Beth Ail, Joy Meade, Jeanne Hoffman, Brad and Ashley Bohner and Sherie Wylie! We are in the midst of moving rooms and making our new spaces amazing for your children!

We will have nursery, preschool, K-2 and 3-6 meeting in those combinations! We are currently looking at new curriculums and are so excited to have your children back at Grace!

We will also continue to provide our Kidzone program for the 10:45am service. This is for children to come during the 10:45am service after the children’s message. This will also be held in our upstairs Kids Life classrooms. Those children preschool-kindergarten will be together in one room and 1st-4th graders in another room.  There will be nursery available for birth-2yrs old from 9am-12noon.

We have a strong and willing group of leaders but we still really need many hands to support this very important ministry for our children at Grace!  We will be asking for help from many of you so that we can keep our programming running with safe sanctuary protocol in place!  If you have any questions or would like to join our Kids Life team please, please contact Barb Rosensteel at kidslife@gracehummelstown.org!

Be watching for a cool invitation coming your way in August so that we can get your children registered and get back to Grace in September! #soexcitedtoseeyou!

Barb Rosensteel, Grace’s Director of Children’s Education