Financial Commitment

Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can.

These were John Wesley’s simple rules for money. Words we can remember as we begin our 2016 Stewardship Campaign. The campaign begins on October 16th and concludes with our Grace Church In-Gathering celebration on November 20th.

As stated earlier we have done a great many things these past years due to the generosity of you, our congregation, and for that we want to thank you. We now seek to take the next step and add a full or part-time associate pastor to broaden our ministry. Expanded ministerial leadership would:

  • Permit development of an additional (contemporary) worship service
  • Expand our home and hospital visitation programs
  • The sky is literally the limit with your commitment.

The graph to the right describes the cumulative generosity of the Grace United Methodist Church family (and the percentage of the congregation in each financial category).

Would you prayerfully consider moving up one step in your giving? For example, if you give $10 consider stepping up to $15 a week. The collective impact of us moving up one step would be tremendous.

Please take a moment to ask God to guide you in this personal and private commitment between you and God.

Your Next Steps

Write down what you and God think you can do and then put it in a safe place. This is between you and God. We are not asking you to submit your commitment to the church office. You are, however, welcome to submit it (anonymously if you wish) at the In-Gathering.
If you’re a Hershey Company employee, please email Jack Wilder ( Did you know that Hershey matches gifts to Grace? You can literally double your giving, and it’s easy! Contact Jack for more information, and we can help you match your gifts quickly and easily, regardless of how you like to give. Follow the link below for more information on the program

Automatic Giving

Automatic giving is less hassle for you, and makes a big difference for Grace. Grace’s financial obligations are steady, but sometimes our giving varies throughout the year. Please consider signing up for automatic giving   If you have questions, contact John Kaschak ( or any Stewardship Committee member.
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Online Giving