iBlast – Grace’s Creative Ministries Team

iBlast is Grace’s creative ministries team!  This group is made up of youth aging from 7th-12th grade.  Its focus is to evangelize the word of God through performance like: black-light, puppetry, music and creative movement. Practices are on Sundays from 4:00pm-6:00pm. This group is also involved in several church-wide events at Grace, participates and is host to workshops for younger youth and puts on an annual show in January for friends, family and community members alike to enjoy!
iBlast meets weekly for two hours before GUMY. There is one and a half hours of rehearsal and then we share a snack together. This is a time of fellowship and has helped to make our group rather tight nit. If you wish to be in IBlast you simply need a positive attitude, a desire for fun, and a heart willing to share the gospel with others. 
Interested in learning more about the group, please contact Lynnette Lee (iBlast@gracehummelstown.org).
iBlast Puppet Performances

iBlast Puppets performing: “Little Bit of Love” by 33 Miles

iBlast Puppets performing: “I Can Be Your Friend” by Veggie Tales