Our Beliefs

Mission Statement

The purpose of Grace United Methodist Ministries is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world as commissioned by Christ, our Lord. (Mark 16:15) We believe that the mission of Grace Church is to penetrate the heart of the community with the heart of the gospel, to inspire people to attain the potential of their spiritual gifts, and create positive leadership through the teaching of God’s Word and Jesus Christ as Lord.

Our History

The Community of Grace began its ministry in the center Hummelstown in 1851 as a mission. In 1863, its location was at 18 North Hanover Street with a membership of twenty. In August 1961, the congregation voted to relocate to its present site. For nearly 150 years we have maintained a family-centered ministry, while at the same time taking an active role in outreach and missions. In 1992, the Grace Congregation renovated the facility and created Grace Christian Child Care, a ministry that cares for over 100 children each day. In response to our growing congregation and a desire for more opportunities for ministry, the congregation voted in 1997 to expand our facility by building a new sanctuary, classrooms, office suite, kitchen, and fellowship hall. We are proud of our United Methodist tradition. We are committed to developing new programs and opportunities for service as the need arises in our church family, our community, and our constantly changing world.


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