4 Year-Old Class


Class Times:
M/W/F – AM – 9:00 – 11:45AM
M/W/F – PM – 12:30 – 3:15PM
The major focus of the 4-year-old program is socialization. The goal is to facilitate socialization of children with their peers and to facilitate appropriate behavior in a classroom environment. The major objectives of our program are to: 1. instill within the heart of each child basic scriptural truths by relating Biblical concepts to desired behavior and attitudes. 2. provide an away-from-home experience that builds independence, social development, creativity, a positive self-image, a sense of achievement and security, a joy of learning, a thirst for knowledge, self-expression, and self-control, and 3. to extend a child’s home to include the school environment.
1. Social Development:
*Willingness to share
*Playing cooperatively with other children
*Listening while others speak
*Regularly using “Please” and “Thank You”
*Participating willingly in games and group activities
*Following classroom routine
*Listening attentively to stories
*Attempting to complete tasks independently
2. Motor Development (fine and gross):
*Grasping a pencil appropriately
*Cutting and tracing both straight lines and curved lines
*Walking a straight line successfully
*Throwing and catching a large ball
*Balancing on one foot
3. Cognitive Development:
*Recognizing name in print
*Recognizing and naming shapes and colors
*Counting up to 10 objects
*Identifying objects as same/different
*Identifying rhyming words
4. Spiritual Development:
*Knowing God loves them
*Understanding that prayer is talking to God
*Knowing that the Bible is God’s Word
*Acting toward others in a way that reflects God’s Love
1. Social Development:
*Play activities, role playing, modeling by teachers and peers, group times, snack times, planned center activities, story times, book-sharing opportunities, art activities, music and movement activities, and indoor and outdoor large motor play.
2. Motor Development (fine and gross):
*Running, jumping, climbing, throwing balls, catching balls, balancing, hopping, parachute play, cutting with scissors on curved and straight lines, tearing paper, playing with Play-Doh, building with blocks, holding a crayon/pencil, coloring with crayons, tracing lines, stringing beads, clapping, galloping, marching, rhythm activities, balance activities, puzzles, and finger painting.
3. Cognitive Development:
*Gaining sense of self, working on senses, memory games and activities, logical thinking skills, art centers and creative play, language development, math and counting games, classifying, patterning, rhyming, sorting, alphabet recognition, and name recognition.
4. Spiritual Development:
*Bible stories, Bible verse memorization, praying before snack, praying for a sick friend, integrating Biblical truths into everyday activities, classroom service projects, felt stories, music, songs and finger plays, and dramatic play.
Focus of the
4 year-old Program
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