2 and 3 Year Old Class

Focus of a 2’s/3’s Program
Class Times:
M/W – 9:30 – 11:30AM
T/TH – 9:30 – 11:30AM
1. Social Development:
*Arriving at school and adjusting easily
*Beginning to show an understanding of
sharing toys
*Using “Please” and “Thank You”
*Participating in games and in a group
*Transitioning from one activity to another
2. Motor Development (fine and gross):
*Grasping a crayon effectively
*Moving without stumbling
*Catching a large bounced ball
3. Cognitive Development:
*Giving first name when asked
*Identifying and naming shapes and colors
*Counting up to five objects
*Holding a book right-side up
4. Spiritual Development:
*Knowing God loves them
*Recognizing the Bible is God’s special book
Play activities, role playing, modeling by
teachers and peers, group times, snack
times, planned center activities, art
activities, music and movement activities,
and indoor and outdoor large motor play
Running, jumping, climbing, throwing balls,
catching balls, balancing, hopping, parachute
play, tearing paper, playing with Play-Doh,
building with blocks, holding a crayon,
coloring with crayons, finger painting
Counting games, weather and calendar jobs,
using coat and tote hooks, listening to
stories, and learning words and actions to
music and movement activities
Bible stories, praying before snack, songs,
and finger plays.
The major focus of the combined 2- and 3-year-old program is socialization. The goal is to promote a smooth transition from home to preschool, encourage the socialization of children with their peers, and foster appropriate behavior in a classroom environment. The major objectives of our program are to: 1. instill within each child the knowledge that God loves them. 2. provide an away-from-home experience that builds independence, social development, creativity, a positive self-image, a sense of achievement and security, a joy of learning, self-expression, and self-control, and 3. to extend a child’s home to include the school environment.