Spring Stewardship Opportunities

During April and May, the Stewardship Committee will be sharing the chance for all of us to support the ministries that make our work here at Grace a meaningful part of the Kingdom of God.
In the church lobby you will notice a Giving Tree that represents the many ways our congregation can share God’s blessings. The tree will start entirely filled with leaves and each leaf has a concrete way you can support Grace, either financially or through your service. Our hope is that each of us will select a gift that challenges you to go beyond your usual giving, and directly support many ministries of Grace. Please be sure to stop by the tree, pull a leaf and follow the specific instructions beside the tree. A Stewardship Team member will be present to answer any questions on Sunday mornings.

VANCO Electronic Giving

As the weather starts to get nicer and our schedules get busier, you may find yourself unable to attend services each Sunday. Despite the congregation missing you on these days, the activities and the mission of Grace continue on. However, in order to continue our mission, your financial support is still needed even when you cannot be at church. As a result, we are asking that you consider signing up for online giving, through Vanco.
Signing up for online giving is easy. Just click on the “online giving” button on Grace’s home page (www.gracehummelstown.org). You can then follow the online instructions to create an account and set up recurring payments at dollar amounts and intervals that meet your comfort level. This process is very similar to online banking and bill pay that many of you are already utilizing.
By setting up your online giving, you enable the church to continue to receive a steady stream of funds that it can count on throughout the year. This ensures that the musical, youth, mission, and ministry programs that we all feel passionately about can continue to thrive during those times of year when there are fewer folks in the pews on Sunday. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Kaschak at jkaschak@verizon.net.